Poppy Pod Tea Negatives


Poppy pods are becoming increasingly difficult to find, so people are beginning to turn to poppy seed tea as an easier to obtain alternative to this powerful tea.  Poppy pod tea has many positive and negative effects.  This post is dedicated to listing the Poppy Pod Tea Negatives.

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poppy pod tea negatives

Poppy Pod Tea Negatives: Addiction

One of the largest Poppy Pod Tea Negatives is the potential for addiction.  This is similar to other opiates.  Consuming poppy pod tea regularly can lead to habit-forming tendencies.  Poppy pods have become expensive, so this can lead to a large financial burden.  This is another reason why people have started turning to poppy seed tea as a cheaper alternative.  If a regular poppy pod tea drinker suddenly stops, they will most likely face withdrawal symptoms.

Poppy Pod Tea Negatives: Withdrawal

Poppy pod tea withdrawal can be extremely unpleasant and can make it hard to stop consuming poppy pod tea.  Poppy pod tea contains several different opiate compounds.  It naturally produces these opiate compounds as a defense mechanism against predators.  The primary opiates found in poppy pods are morphine and codeine.  There are several other opiate compounds found in the plant as well, and it leads to the withdrawal being more extended and severe.  This has led many people to develop taper methods for slowly reducing the amount of poppy pod tea that they consume.

Poppy Pod Tea Negatives: Side Effects

Another part of Poppy Pod Negatives includes the side effects.  The side effects for poppy pod tea have a tendency to increase with dosage.  These negative side effects include: lethargy, potentially severe constipation, urinary retention, slow breathing, and possible stomach nausea.  The nausea could possibly be due to noscapine, and this negative effect is usually more common with first time uses.  Almost all of the side effects listed above are also common with other opiate medications.

Poppy Pod Tea Negatives: Overdose

There is also a risk for opiate overdose for those that consume large amounts of poppy pod tea.  The strength of poppy pod tea can vary from plant to plant, so it can be difficult to determine an appropriate dosage.  This is another reason that poppy pod tea is dangerous.  It can also be dangerous if poppy pod tea is consumed in conjunction with other prescription medications.



I hope that this post has helped you learn some of the main drawbacks and negatives to consuming poppy pod tea.  This is why I do not recommend consuming poppy pod tea for any reason.  It can be dangerous, especially when consumed in large amounts or combined with prescription medication intake.  Make sure to consult with your primary doctor prior to taking any medications or consuming any herbal teas.  This post does not contain medical advice.

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Poppy Pod Tea Negatives: Comments

Do you have other Poppy Pod Tea Negatives that you have experienced?  Please share your experiences below.  It helps keep the PSTG Community growing rapidly!

Poppy Pod Tea Negatives - Discover the Drawbacks of this Powerful Tea
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Poppy Pod Tea Negatives - Discover the Drawbacks of this Powerful Tea
Poppy Pod Tea Negatives - There are several positives and negatives with poppy tea. This list includes the poppy tea negatives for poppy pod tea users.
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