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Many people have discovered the enormous power of poppy pod tea.  Poppy pod tea drinkers consume the it for several reasons, and there are many poppy pod tea benefits.  Massive numbers of people have recently been turning to poppy pod tea for help with pain.  Poppy pod tea contains natural alkaloids that attach themselves to pain receptors and can help block pain.  Many of these people are risking arrest because poppy pods are illegal in many countries.  Now let’s begin learning how Poppy Pod Tea for Pain is becoming increasingly popular.

This post does not contain medical advice, and I do not recommend consuming poppy pod tea for pain.  Poppy pod tea can be extremely dangerous, especially when consumed in large amounts.


poppy pod tea for pain


Poppy Pod Tea for Pain: Background

Poppy pod tea uses the pods derived from the opium poppy plant, Papaver somniferum.  It is known as the opium plant because it contains natural opiates.  It was first grown in Mesopotamia ~ 3400 BC.  The Sumarians lovingly called it the “joy plant.”  The plant spread quickly around the ancient world, and I’m sure that the name didn’t hurt.  The Egyptians learned about the powerful plant from the Babylonians.  Tutankhamun helped harness the power of the poppy and developed better cultivation practices.  This helped the Egyptians produce opium on a large scale. This allowed the Egyptians to trade opium with Greece and other countries.

Poppy Pod Tea for Pain: Opiate Content

As stated above, the opium poppy plant naturally contains opiates as a defense mechanism.  This helps protect the delicious plant from predators.  The poppy plant contains several types of opiates, but the most prevalent are morphine and codeine.  Morphine is a powerful opiate that makes up around 13% of the alkaloids found in the poppy plant.  Morphine is used to help treat pain.

Poppy Pod Tea for Pain: Method of Action

The opiate compounds, including morphine, will bind to the central nervous system’s receptors.  This helps block pain signals, and reduces the severity and duration of pain.  Most poppy pod tea drinkers begin feeling effects ~ 45 minutes after consuming the tea.  The most common active compound found in poppy pod tea is morphine.  The effects of morphine usually last around 3-7 hours.  Morphine is strong enough to be commonly used for labor pain.

Poppy Pod Tea

Poppy pod tea is an herbal tea that uses the pods of the opium poppy plant, Papaver somniferum.  Poppy pod tea was popular until the DEA began enforcing the rules more strictly for internet vendors in the early 2000’s.  Marketplaces like Ebay stopped selling the powerful pods, and people began looking for alternatives.  They found a legal part of the same plant that can be used to make a similar form of tea. I am referring to poppy seed tea.

Discover How Poppy Pod Tea is Made Stronger

Unwashed Poppy Seeds

Unwashed poppy seeds are the key to making a quality cup of poppy seed tea.  Unwashed seeds can be extremely hard to find, especially if you are looking locally.  This is why I always suggest purchasing bulk unwashed seeds online.  I spend several hours each week analyzing the best brands of poppy seed tea, and I have included an Amazon link to a great bag of seeds in the next section.

I suggest reading my List of The Best Poppy Seeds Brands.  This post contains several options of high quality poppy seeds that can be used to make a great cup of poppy seed tea.  One of the best brands is Food to Live…

Food to Live Poppy Seeds

Food to Live is a high quality brand that consistently sells unwashed poppy seeds.  The brand’s consistency is unmatched.  The price for these seeds is higher than some other brands, but you are paying for quality.  Food to Live sells poppy seeds sourced from all over the world.  The best seeds are currently sourced from England.  I have included a link for the 4 pound bag of Food to Live (England) Poppy Seeds below.  It will take you to Amazon where you can purchase this great bag of seeds.

Food to Live Poppy Seeds (England) (4 Pounds)


Poppy Pod Tea for Pain: Potential Side Effects

I do not recommend consuming poppy pod tea because it can be dangerous, especially if you are consuming large amounts of pod tea.  Poppy seed tea usually contains lower levels of active opiates, but it can be dangerous as well.  Regular consumers of poppy seed tea can become addicted and face withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly stop drinking the tea.  You should always consult with your healthcare professionals prior to consuming any powerful opiates.



Poppy pod tea is regularly consumed for pain, but poppy seed tea is becoming even more popular.  Both forms of poppy tea contain active opiate alkaloids including morphine and codeine.  These compounds help relieve pain, but they also are addictive and habit forming.  It is important to check local laws and regulations and consult with a healthcare professional before consuming any opiates.


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Poppy Seed Tea for Pain: Comments

Do you have experience with using poppy pod tea for pain?  Please share your knowledge and experiences in the Comments section, and help the PSTG community grow!

Poppy Pod Tea for Pain: Discover the Pain Relieving Power of the Poppy
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