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Unfortunately, millions of people worldwide suffer from anxiety.  As a result, many have searched for a non-prescription or herbal method for reducing their condition.  Poppy tea is a powerful herbal tea with several benefits and negative effects.  One of the benefits can be an overall reduction in anxiety. This has caused more people to start trying poppy pod tea as a way to calm their nerves and reduce anxiety.  This post is dedicated to detailing how people use Poppy Pod Tea for Anxiety.

This post does not contain medical advice, and poppy pods are banned in many parts of the world.  Make sure to contact your doctor or a healthcare professional for help with anxiety issues. The internet is not the place to obtain medical advice.

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poppy pod tea anxiety

Consuming Poppy Pod Tea for Anxiety is becoming more popular as people look for non-prescription methods for controlling their condition.  This guide details the main facts regarding drinking Poppy Pod Tea for Anxiety.

Poppy Pod Tea for Anxiety: Opium Poppy

The primary ingredient in poppy pod tea is the flower pod from the valuable opium poppy plant.  This flower is the most popular and valuable member of the Papaver (poppy flower) family.  Another popular member of the poppy flower family is the beautiful California Poppy.

The opium poppy, Papaver somniferum, has been planted for thousands of years to produce natural opium.  The first recorded planting occurred in the Middle East around 3400 BC.  The region was known at the time as Mesopotamia.  The Sumarians accurately nicknamed the beautiful flower as the “joy plant.”  Many Sumarians actually consumed parts of the plant for recreational purposes.  With a name like “the joy plant,” it is no surprise that it spread quickly throughout the ancient world.  The Babylonians shared their poppy plant harvesting methods with the resourceful Egyptians.  Tutankhamun then decided to focus on the power of the opium poppy and ordered the peasants to plant large fields.  The Egyptians began mastering harvesting techniques and became the best opium harvesters in the ancient world. They began selling their excess raw opium in massive quantities.

Opiates Contained in Poppy Pod Tea for Anxiety

The opium poppy natural produces opiates as a defense mechanism to protect it from predators.  A majority of the opiate alkaloids are concentrated in the poppy pod, which is why poppy pod tea can be so strong.  During the harvesting process, the opiate compounds are spread to the poppy seeds and other arts of the plant.  The primary opiates found in the plant are morphine and codeine.  Both of these compounds have been used for centuries to treat moderate to severe pain.  These compounds can also reduce anxiety.

Poppy Seed Tea

Since poppy pods are banned in many areas, people have looked for a more legal method of making tea.  They have found that unwashed poppy seeds are legal in most countries, and are cheaper and more plentiful.  As a result, poppy seed tea has passed poppy pod tea in terms of popularity.  I have included one of the most popular brands of unwashed poppy seeds in the next section.

Unwashed Poppy Seeds: Food to Live Poppy Seeds

Food to Live is currently one of the best brands of unwashed poppy seeds.  I have included an Amazon link for their 4 pound bag.  This is an excellent brand that is known for quality and consistency.  I have never heard of anyone getting a bad bag of their England poppy seeds.

Food to Live Poppy Seeds (England) (4 Pounds)

If you are looking for unwashed poppy seeds, check out my post of The Best Brands of Unwashed Poppy Seeds.

Poppy Pod Tea for Anxiety Method of Action

The opiate compounds including morphine and codeine stick to the receptors in the central nervous system. This results in a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate which has a calming effect.  This is one of the main reasons why people consume Poppy Pod Tea for Anxiety.  Most people feel calming effects 45 minutes after they drink the tea.

Poppy Pod Tea for Anxiety Negative Effects

It is important to remember that all opiates have negative effects as well.  Consuming poppy pod tea regularly can lead to addiction.  Addicted individuals will most likely face strong withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly stop drinking the tea.  Poppy pod tea also varies in strength, and consuming large amounts can lead to opiate overdose. This can be especially dangerous if poppy pod tea is consumed with prescription medications.  This is why I do not recommend consuming poppy pod tea, and this site is for informational purposes only.


Poppy pod tea has been consumed for hundreds of years for several reasons.  Some people consume Poppy Pod Tea for Anxiety.  The natural opiates found in poppy pod tea can have a calming effect.  Consuming poppy pod tea is dangerous, especially if people drink large amounts.  Make sure to consult with a healthcare professional if you are suffering from anxiety.

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Poppy Pod Tea for Anxiety: Comments

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Poppy Pod Tea for Anxiety: Learn more about this Powerful Tea!
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Poppy Pod Tea for Anxiety: Learn more about this Powerful Tea!
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