Top 5 Ways to Make Poppy Pod Tea Stronger

make poppy pod tea stronger


Although many people are turning to poppy seed tea due to the difficulty in finding poppy pods, poppy pod tea is still a popular drink.   This post does not recommend consuming poppy pod tea, and it only includes a list of items that easy and legal to consume.  Poppy pod tea can be addictive, and you should consult with your doctor or a healthcare professional prior to consuming any forms of herbal tea.

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Poppy Pod Tea Negatives


Poppy pods are becoming increasingly difficult to find, so people are beginning to turn to poppy seed tea as an easier to obtain alternative to this powerful tea.  Poppy pod tea has many positive and negative effects.  This post is dedicated to listing the Poppy Pod Tea Negatives.

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Poppy Pod Tea for Anxiety

poppy pod tea for anxiety


Unfortunately, millions of people worldwide suffer from anxiety.  As a result, many have searched for a non-prescription or herbal method for reducing their condition.  Poppy tea is a powerful herbal tea with several benefits and negative effects.  One of the benefits can be an overall reduction in anxiety. This has caused more people to start trying poppy pod tea as a way to calm their nerves and reduce anxiety.  This post is dedicated to detailing how people use Poppy Pod Tea for Anxiety. Continue reading “Poppy Pod Tea for Anxiety”

Poppy Pod Tea for Pain

poppy pod tea for pain


Many people have discovered the enormous power of poppy pod tea.  Poppy pod tea drinkers consume the it for several reasons, and there are many poppy pod tea benefits.  Massive numbers of people have recently been turning to poppy pod tea for help with pain.  Poppy pod tea contains natural alkaloids that attach themselves to pain receptors and can help block pain.  Many of these people are risking arrest because poppy pods are illegal in many countries.  Now let’s begin learning how Poppy Pod Tea for Pain is becoming increasingly popular. Continue reading “Poppy Pod Tea for Pain”

Growing Poppies

growing poppies


Poppies are known worldwide for their beautiful flowers.  There are actually hundreds of types of poppy flowers, and they are all members of the papaveraceae “poppy” family.  The most popular and economically important species is Papaver somniferum, also known as the “opium poppy.”  This plant is known as the opium poppy because it contains natural opiate compounds as a defense mechanism against predators.  The knowledge of these plants containing opiates has led to more interest in growing poppies.  This post contains instructions for planting a majority of the species of poppy plants, including Papaver somniferum.  Make sure to read this whole post, especially the part about checking the legality of growing poppies in your area.

Growing Poppies: A Short Personal Story

You shouldn’t be intimidated about growing poppies.  I grew some by accident, and I definitely don’t have a “green thumb.”   I had purchased some poppy seeds for baking, and I spilled some in my kitchen.  I swept them up and dumped them in my outside garden.  I didn’t dig holes in the dirt, I just sprinkled (actually threw) the seeds on top of the ground.  This “garden” was actually a big dirt pile in my back yard where a bush was previously located.  The dirt was even poor quality, and it was about 70% clay.  The plants actually sprouted, and I was so shocked that I tried to dig up half to put in my good garden.   I’m glad I only dug up half because none of them survived the relocation.  I didn’t water the original surviving plants until the had grown up to around 6″ tall.  The plants ended up doing fairly well, especially given the circumstances.   I wanted to share this story at the beginning so you could see that growing poppies isn’t difficult if you have the correct seeds (don’t worry, I include Amazon links below).  If you follow the simple guide below, you will end up having beautiful and healthy poppy plants.

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Opium Flower: Ultimate Guide

opium flower


The Opium Flower is a poppy plant that is a member of the large Papaveraceae family.  The species name of the opium flower is Papaver somniferum. It is known as the opium flower because it contains natural opiate compounds and has been used to cultivate opium for hundreds of years.  This post is dedicated to explaining the main facts pertaining to this popular poppy flower that is one of the most valuable plants in the world.

I suggest reading the more detailed post titled Opium Plant Ultimate Guide.  This is a summary of that post.

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Papaver Somniferum Pods

papaver somniferum pods


Papaver somniferum pods are derived from the opium poppy plant.  Technically, these pods are illegal in the United States and many other countries.  This fact hasn’t stopped vendors from selling Papaver somniferum pods online and shipping them into the United States.  I created this post to inform people about some of the main facts regarding Papaver somniferum pods.  Continue reading “Papaver Somniferum Pods”

Poppy Seed Pods

poppy seed pods


Poppy seed pods can be obtained from several members of the poppy flower family, Papaveraceae.  This family is extremely large and contains over 700 known species.  This post focuses on Poppy Seed Pods from the opium poppy plant, Papaver somniferum.  The Papaver somniferum species is the most popular and also the most valuable.  This is a complete guide that includes details and uses of poppy seed pods derived from this plant.  These pods pack a powerful punch and should be treated with respect.

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