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Background Info

I had the idea to create this site in December 2016, and this website was opened on May 24, 2017.  I am Brandon Poppy, and I am the sole administrator for this community.  I research, analyze, write, and review all of the content.

Mission and Goals

Poppy tea is becoming increasingly popular, especially the Poppy Seed Tea form.  I was shocked to discover the absolute lack of relevant information concerning this popular herbal tea.  I decided to do something about it, and I created this community as a result.  My goal is for this website to serve as a complete guide for everything related to Poppy Tea.  This includes both Poppy Pod Tea and Poppy Seed Tea.  It is very important to keep this as a free resource to ensure all of the information is unbiased.  Hopefully you will help me in my mission and educate yourself and others about Poppy Tea.

The Shortage Information

I spent a lot of time wondering why there is such a shortage of poppy tea information.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer, and I uncovered  several contributing factors.  Many poppy tea consumers do not want to share their experiences.  They are either self-conscious, worried about repercussions, or concerned that sharing information will cause a shortage of ingredients.  Many of these fears are deep-seated and are very hard to combat.  The feelings are all anxiety driven, but the third reason is the most frustrating to me.  I have a hard time understanding how so many people can be greedy.  If they shared their experiences and information, it would help everyone grow and learn, and the world would be a better place.  Any shortages of ingredients (poppy seeds or poppy pods) would be temporary.  The market will correct and producers will grow additional supplies.  The internet will help reduce the duration of any shortages.  I definitely feel that informing people is worth the potential negatives, and I hope that this community is a step in the right direction.

About Me

I’ll skip the irrelevant part and fast forward to what started this mission.  My name is Brandon Poppy.  I began to suffer moderate to severe chronic back pain after a car accident in 2005.  This set me on the never-ending cycle of pain meds that I’m sure several of you are familiar with.  It involves pain doctors, prescriptions, pharmacies, and constantly jumping through hoops.  I decided something had to change in December 2010, which was roughly five years after the wreck.  I was sick of relying on doctors and others, and I looked for an alternative method for pain control.  I went to the library, started researching, and found a book referencing the historical use of Laudanum.  The Laudanum research eventually led me to discovering poppy tea, and the rest is history.  I’ve spent thousands of hours researching this beverage, and this site helps me share my knowledge with others.

Poppy Seed Tea eBook

poppy seed tea book

I just finished an eBook that teaches everything about Poppy Seed Tea.  It includes information on making Poppy Seed Tea.  You can read more about the eBook here or click the button below for purchase.  I am offering it for less than $10 so everyone can afford it.  It is a 40 page book that is worth at least $20, and I am keeping the price low for the first customers.  This is the primary way to support this free website.  I sincerely appreciate your contribution; it helps me dedicate a sufficient amount of my time towards enhancing this free resource.

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Poppy Tea Introductory Information

Addiction Potential

The first thing I want to make sure you understand is that poppy tea can be dangerous.  Drinking poppy plant compounds in tea is similar to other methods of consuming opiates.  As a result, you can become physically and psychologically addicted if you drink the tea regularly.  This practice can also lead to withdrawals if you stop the tea abruptly.  Many people consider the withdrawal symptoms to be severe.  This is because the poppy plant contains several opiate alkaloids, so the body is withdrawing from multiple compounds at the same time.  Make sure to use extreme caution and consult with your doctor before putting anything into your body.  Consuming high amounts of poppy tea can result in severe illness or even death, especially when combined with other medications.

Legal Status

You should also research your local laws prior to attempting to make poppy tea or obtain any parts of the poppy plant.  Although poppy seeds are legal in the United States and most other countries, other parts of the plant (including poppy pods) are not.  There are still people selling pods online, but many of them are technically breaking the law.

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There is an easy two step process for supporting this community, and it won’t cost you an extra cent.  If you are planning on purchasing anything on Amazon:

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I sincerely appreciate your support, it helps me dedicate a sufficient amount of my time to enhance this free resource!

Getting Started

Whether you are an experienced poppy tea drinker, or you are just getting started, the following posts are a good place to begin!

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